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A pajama party
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We know it's been a long while all have you waiting, and here is a very special events for you.
Please be sure it is only for a limited period, so we hope you all would not miss this chance.
(due date : From September 24th to 30th)

* 10% Discount for "A pajama party"
For customers those purchase "A pajama party" during the event would be offered 10% discount!

[A pajama party]

PINK pajamas Model[No.1 Head/ purebright skin/14mm(eyes)/7~8inch(wig)]
Green pajamas Model[No.1 Head/ Normal skin/14mm(eyes)/6~7inch(wig)]

* Please check the details of doll's body size.

* After you order the product, annul of the order and refund is not

possible, by reason of ordering-and-making system.

* Can be shipped within 10~20 business days.

1. Product composition

 - Shorts pants type (Top, Pants)

- Long trousers pants type(Top, Pants, Socks)

2.Body size

* Height : 30cm

* Eye diameter : 14mm

* Head grith : 18.1cm(7inch)

* Neck grith : 6.5cm

* Shoulder size : 5.5cm

* Bust grith :14cm

* waist size :13cm

* Hip size : 16.3cm

* Arm length : 7.7cm

* Leg length : 13.5cm

* Foot size : 4.5cm ( width : 2cm)

* the color of doll images now on the screen could be some

differences with the original ones, depending on the conditions

and property of the monitor.

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