Goth-Black dress

[The Soul Huntress] NO.2 Elisha

SUGARBLE doll pouch

[The Soul Huntress] NO.2 Yeriel

NO.2 Head

Death's Axe parts

A pajama party

[The Moon light Alice] NO.1 Alice

NO.1 Head

sugartien body
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Name : SUGARBLE     Date : 2018-01-21    Hit : 336 
Title  The Soul Huntress Ver.02" is open
Hello everyone! This is SUGARBLE.

The Soul Huntress Ver.02" is open~!!
Since everyone had been waiting for, now it's finally the time to meet our new model - "Elisha"!
Please visit our web and see how lovely she is!

Also, we are preparing many events for celebrating happy new year.
We just wish you are all interested!

* SUGARBLE also accepts payment plan as a layaway.
The Year 2018 Starting Up Event (January 21th to 31nd, KST)

1. 30% Discount for "the Soul Huntress Ver.02"

2. Limited offer for the Special parts - Weapon (upto 30 days, including the period of the Ver.02)

3. Discount offer for various items on the sale corner
(Old item – Wig(,5,6 inch), clothes, sugabledoll pouch)

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