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Name : Kittzel     Date : 2017-06-18    Hit : 730 
Title  Wing inserts and leg stringing questions
Hello! I have two questions.

First, the arm elastics on my Sugarsleek doll have become stuck in the torso insert for the wing part magnets, so I would like to remove and re-attach it. Do you have some recommendations for how to do that without damaging the doll?

Second, do you have any advice for how to string the doll's elastic so the legs are more stable? I've had my Sugarsleek for over a year, but still I don't understand how to pose her legs as easily as in the photos (the elastic is currently crossed through her hips, but the knees and hips move out of position at the slightest touch). Especially, what is the purpose or the hook shape in the resin at the top of the thighs? Is it meant to lock somewhere to help posing?

Thank you!
Hi, this is SUGARBLE.
First, thank you for the purchase and your love for our products
The glue holding magnets can be removed by putting whole parts into hot water, yet it might bring distortion to the part, so we do not really recommend.

The joints of knees and thighs can be fixed enough to pose firmly by putting some coating spray on them. The frictional force would help posing the doll.
(The dolls in the photos are all blushed by putting the spray)

We recommend changing the elastics might also be a good way.(diameter over 2.5mm)

Finally, the hook like part on thighs are for adjusting angles to take a sitting pose more fluently.
(Please refer to the photo of "Sugarsleek body" on Data room of our official website.)

We hope we gave enough recommends to solve the problem, and please feel free to ask anything further you want to know!
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