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Name : aprillee     Date : 2016-09-02    Hit : 521 
Title  Status of Order-- 20160313190446712MC ?
I know you last emailed to say everything is delayed... but I thought I would check to see about my order?

2016-03-13 (19:04) 20160313190446712MC

Thank you.
Hi, this is SUGARBLE.
First, we apologize for making you waiting for a long time so far.
It needs to be waiting for about 2 weeks.
please be patient and understand our current situation generously.
Sorry for making you waitng for long time. and please just be waiting for it.
Thank you for your answer! It is OK to wait more. I was just curious to know if you had an estimate of time. :)
Thank you for your understanding. We will do our best . Thank you.
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